He’s Yours

I never stood a chance:
I already counted myself


I don’t belong here,
take him away with you
on a cloud of happy hedonism.
And I’ll watch on my back
as the cloud changes form
to the demons I see inside me.

I’m used to this feeling
of knives stabbing inside,
and I have fertile furrows
down my cheeks.
He’s yours after all,
I could never fit in the picture,
the camera was built for two –

and I’m a third.

I give in, I give up.
I bow out:
applaud and approve.

Substance Abuse

“At the age of fourteen I discovered writing as an escape from a world of reality in which I felt acutely uncomfortable.” – Tennessee Williams

You lack the depth
of reality…
Come on, man!
Stop abusing, stop escaping!
Face it head on:
flood light that truth,
fly towards it, bug!
Stop injecting with that stuff,
it’s poison for your veins.
Surely you know that?
I’m third tier looking down,
I’ve been through it all.
Don’t you learn, buddy?
Suck up and deal,
sniff a line of life: it’s free!
It won’t kill you,
Write out those feelings,
we need you here.
Don’t leave the truth unturned,
disturb the insects,
show them the light!
It’s for their enlightenment.

Romanticised Fuckup

Stumble into a crowded haze:
searching and seeking fun times…
hedonistic t-shirts
snapback suppressions
skinny jeans suffocating
used needles
white mirrors
rolled up notes
broken bulbs:
ruined in these ruins…

But we want this.

Razor blades
rotten teeth
failed jobs
butchered hearts
& puffy scars.
Dozen pills popping
dawn to dusk sipping,
wars & weapons
shooting and stabbing at rules
to pass the time.

Do we even care?

I don’t care
don’t care about you.
Taught by my father
who was never there
to abandon and run,
evade and suppress.
This is the life I want, I preach!

Striving for Club 27
We’re c-c-crazy!
Live fast die young,
I don’t wanna live.
Don’t even care!

No compassion here.
Pull the trigger on yourself,
brother bear.

Complete Strangers

“Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t”
– Lady Macbeth, “Macbeth”, William Shakespeare

You’re a curse sent
by the universe
disguised and hidden:
but there.
A path I’ve crossed by fate
merging with mine in this moment
to form this road
lined with dried leaves of
Strangers to each other;
two nobodies
colliding with each other.
Large meteors soaring towards
life, a powerful force
of destruction.

Leviticus 18:22

Abominations and aberrations
caught and suspended in a web of words;
accusations pointing skyward
from a Being pointing downward:
translations of Love translated by hate.
Precisely printed in black text
(words, language, meaning)
all created by man,
fallible man…
Sitting listening to words
inked out of agendas
of archaic manners,
chewing the scriptures:
regurgitating into mouths of youth,
filled with particles of prejudice!
Food for thought?

Forcing love down a throat
is like forcing water into concrete.
Concrete cannot swallow water;
human cannot limit Love.
Men, women, children, brothers, sisters, friends
hang lifeless from the ropes of these lies,
lies taught as truths,
truths which are intolerances!

Their corpses are vases holding crusted flowers.
Their Spring could never be;
scripture’s winter killed with its irresponsible powers.


Red-cloaked and black-shoed:
It strolls nimbly into life…
Not a care but to cause…
Emotionless and cruel;
Hard and cold.
Streaks of blood seep
Slowly out of deep wounds
And crimson tears carve a neat path
Downward lonely cheeks.
It envelopes the insides,
Wrapping itself tightly around
The organ that beats against the force and
Gives life while being given death.
Untouchable, undiagnosable.
Cruel. Cunning.
Sharp-shooting. Deep-wounding.
Full of itself.

So what?

So what if I trip and
fall face first into failure?
So what if they laugh as I struggle?
So what if I make mistakes
and do stupid things?
So what if I live on the edge?
So what if you judge me?
So what if I damage myself?
So what if I don’t have your support?
So what if you all leave my side?
So what if I lose it all?
So what if I end up with no one?
So what if I’m the failure everyone least expected?
So what if I fall
from the throne I’ve placed my reputation on?
So what if I let go?
So what if I go wild like they said?
So what if I stuff it all up?

So what?

Slicin’ n Shadin’

Throw that shade!
Cast a shadow!
We’re obviously worth it;
Because our light obviously hurts you.
We’ll keep on shining;
You keep shading.

Slicin’ n shadin’ ain’t gonna get you anywhere!
So instead find a passion;
Find something to put that energy into…
Ask me – I know,
I’ve been there before…
I’ve been the one doing the hurt,
Making people cry,
Making hearts bleed,
Letting my darkness dim shine.
I changed. So can you.

Light creates more energy;
Darkness only kills it.


Did you hear about that boy?
I did – he’s so young!
I wonder what caused it…
I heard his mother didn’t love him.
But why do something so horrific?!
Maybe she did it to him when he was small…
He’s on steroids now.
I blame the father…
He left when he was little apparently…
I wonder why…
I heard it was because of the child.
So maybe it started then even!
The fists?
The fists.
But I just think of the poor mother.
I’ve seen the bruises.
This is too terrible.
Better not get involved.
It’ll go away.
It always does.

No it doesn’t