Slicin’ n Shadin’

Throw that shade!
Cast a shadow!
We’re obviously worth it;
Because our light obviously hurts you.
We’ll keep on shining;
You keep shading.

Slicin’ n shadin’ ain’t gonna get you anywhere!
So instead find a passion;
Find something to put that energy into…
Ask me – I know,
I’ve been there before…
I’ve been the one doing the hurt,
Making people cry,
Making hearts bleed,
Letting my darkness dim shine.
I changed. So can you.

Light creates more energy;
Darkness only kills it.

Something not everything

Stand for something…
Not everything.
Don’t be a Jack-of-all-trades
spread too thin, too wide –
for what?
Everything else suffers…
Dig a hole – go deep in few things;
be a genius in a field
rather than a cleaner in all.

A friend to all is a friend to none.
Be bold.
Stop chasing everyone’s shadow.
Be the light.

Saints have Shadows

Within every saintly soul
lies a dark demon
which will claw and gnaw
until it eventually escapes!
It will chew chips of brittle success
and manifest malignant doubts
in your perfect picture of happiness…

But as long as you know knowledge
like this you can tame this torture…
Praying will access amiable powers
which can help protect the people you love.

Even Saints have Shadows;
for if you are walking willfully in the light,
you cast a deadly darkness behind.