Did you hear about that boy?
I did – he’s so young!
I wonder what caused it…
I heard his mother didn’t love him.
But why do something so horrific?!
Maybe she did it to him when he was small…
He’s on steroids now.
I blame the father…
He left when he was little apparently…
I wonder why…
I heard it was because of the child.
So maybe it started then even!
The fists?
The fists.
But I just think of the poor mother.
I’ve seen the bruises.
This is too terrible.
Better not get involved.
It’ll go away.
It always does.

No it doesn’t

The Matriarch

There for the children:
Strong and demanding;
Running the ship!
Strictly lenient;
all aboard –
if not – overboard!

Dare open your mouth
to challenge the lady;
Dare to be put in place –
walk the plank.

Bow down or
Bow out.

Enjoy the ride;
you’ll have fun!
(only on her side)