He’s Yours

I never stood a chance:
I already counted myself


I don’t belong here,
take him away with you
on a cloud of happy hedonism.
And I’ll watch on my back
as the cloud changes form
to the demons I see inside me.

I’m used to this feeling
of knives stabbing inside,
and I have fertile furrows
down my cheeks.
He’s yours after all,
I could never fit in the picture,
the camera was built for two –

and I’m a third.

I give in, I give up.
I bow out:
applaud and approve.

Substance Abuse

“At the age of fourteen I discovered writing as an escape from a world of reality in which I felt acutely uncomfortable.” – Tennessee Williams

You lack the depth
of reality…
Come on, man!
Stop abusing, stop escaping!
Face it head on:
flood light that truth,
fly towards it, bug!
Stop injecting with that stuff,
it’s poison for your veins.
Surely you know that?
I’m third tier looking down,
I’ve been through it all.
Don’t you learn, buddy?
Suck up and deal,
sniff a line of life: it’s free!
It won’t kill you,
Write out those feelings,
we need you here.
Don’t leave the truth unturned,
disturb the insects,
show them the light!
It’s for their enlightenment.

Dancing till Death

I have the moves
The purple groves
I feel the beat sink into my fibres
It takes right to the core
I don’t dance to live
I live to dance and dance till death
My body just goes to the flow
Whether fast or slow
I can feel the eyes surmise
I smile and sweat because I dance tonight
I need no drugs, no liquid inspiration, injection
To feel the music’s sweet infection
I tilt towards the floor, drop down
Jump to catch the beat and bounce
Ready to pounce
When they encircle I’m taken away
hallucogenic satisfaction sprints in my pulse
And my eyes close because my body knows
Tonight I’m a winner and I’ve won this fight.

Slicin’ n Shadin’

Throw that shade!
Cast a shadow!
We’re obviously worth it;
Because our light obviously hurts you.
We’ll keep on shining;
You keep shading.

Slicin’ n shadin’ ain’t gonna get you anywhere!
So instead find a passion;
Find something to put that energy into…
Ask me – I know,
I’ve been there before…
I’ve been the one doing the hurt,
Making people cry,
Making hearts bleed,
Letting my darkness dim shine.
I changed. So can you.

Light creates more energy;
Darkness only kills it.

A 21st Century Truth

Isn’t it weird how she sits?
So quietly with a book.
She doesn’t say much, doctor.
Could you please make her okay?

Madam, I’m afraid I cannot help.
She has a severe case of being unique.
It’s rare, but fatal.
It will cause her to suffer…
People will criticise her and mock her.
She’ll have few friends, if not none.

Oh no! My poor girl…
There must be something,
Something you can do!
She’s my only.

I understand, all I can do is kill her passion.
Back in the day it worked.
They used to make people work,
Doing jobs they hated…
They were paid terribly,
Taxed heavily too.
The poor got poorer;
The rich got richer.

Please! Kill her passion!

All it takes is a day,
A day in the life of a 21st Century Adult…


“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

To choose one of two great loves:
A happy forever after scattered
with the occasional rough patch.
But never both.

Happiness in the arms
of someone beautiful
in and out.
A love to wrap around myself
like a fleece blanket in a snowy tundra.
Security knowing that even if I had
I would have someone
who would make it everything.

A steady career filled with limitless opportunities
that would let me see the world.
And a guaranteed growth of character
experiencing the genius of countless creators
scattered across the globe
like cloudlets of passion.

I cannot have both;
I must decide.
Success will only come
in the hands of sacrifice.

Loving both with my soul
but knowing my soul is single-chambered
and has a hollow for only one.
The swirling in my mind confuses
and disorientates.
Speared thoughts from every second
person saying what I should do.

Knowing I will have to turn
from one for the other.
And longing for that which