Leviticus 18:22

Abominations and aberrations
caught and suspended in a web of words;
accusations pointing skyward
from a Being pointing downward:
translations of Love translated by hate.
Precisely printed in black text
(words, language, meaning)
all created by man,
fallible man…
Sitting listening to words
inked out of agendas
of archaic manners,
chewing the scriptures:
regurgitating into mouths of youth,
filled with particles of prejudice!
Food for thought?

Forcing love down a throat
is like forcing water into concrete.
Concrete cannot swallow water;
human cannot limit Love.
Men, women, children, brothers, sisters, friends
hang lifeless from the ropes of these lies,
lies taught as truths,
truths which are intolerances!

Their corpses are vases holding crusted flowers.
Their Spring could never be;
scripture’s winter killed with its irresponsible powers.

Musical Tears

It sits like a powerful god in the centre:
a black sheen reflecting the room’s light.
Standing proudly, firmly on four solid legs,
it waits for the talented to take its seat…

As he sits down on the cushioned seat,
he lifts the solid black gently.
His fingers rest softly on the ivories and ebonies;
a deep breath before the prelude.

Sound stabs through the sombre silence –
it fills the voids of pain.
He sways to the touch of his fingers;
the music takes him away.

Mozart makes the tears slip down his face,
but it mends his heartache (even for a little).
At least the keys accept his truth,
even if his own blood does not.

A Wish For Humanity

I don’t want to be black;
I don’t want to be white:
I want to be human.
I don’t want to be privileged;
I don’t want to be unfortunate:
I want to belong anywhere.
I don’t want to be Christian;
I don’t want to be Buddhist:
I want to be spiritual.
I don’t want to be a blue;
I don’t want to be a pink:
I want to be equal.
I don’t want to be smart;
I don’t want to be creative:
I want to be valued.
I don’t want gay rights;
I don’t want women’s rights:
I want human rights.
I don’t want money;
I don’t want fame:
I want happiness.
I don’t want to be tall;
I don’t want to be thin:
I want to be imperfectly perfect.
I don’t want to be labelled;
I don’t want to be in a box:
I want to be free.
I don’t want to be you;
I don’t want to be them:
I want to be me.

We don’t want to want:
We need to be wanted.


At first I thought you were okay
but then I saw what others said
so I started saying the same…
My mind closed;
I ignored and tried to
justify why it was this way:
I found reasons – made up.

Until I matured and realised
that everything was learned
through others
– and such is life –
but I undid the red threads
of my ignorance.
I opened up to myself
and you became
like ALL.

Circuit Boards and Cynicism

Caved in by four walls
the skin turns white(r)
and the mind thinks hard…
Currents travel rapidly across
precision circuits translating
binary through brain
SAVE : *double click*

A travelling laptop complete
with perceptive processors and
witty applications for all uses
(including cynicism)…
High functioning with a fan
of tolerance to cool the
system; to calm the core.

Computing, computing, contemplating,
carrying on, accepting and processing,
questioning when used wrong
(as all good technologies do)
and attaining a new level of
artificial intelligence
from users: awareness, understanding.

Process life precisely.
(again and again)
Reliable, durable…
Plug in, recharge,
(never shut down)