Romanticised Fuckup

Stumble into a crowded haze:
searching and seeking fun times…
hedonistic t-shirts
snapback suppressions
skinny jeans suffocating
used needles
white mirrors
rolled up notes
broken bulbs:
ruined in these ruins…

But we want this.

Razor blades
rotten teeth
failed jobs
butchered hearts
& puffy scars.
Dozen pills popping
dawn to dusk sipping,
wars & weapons
shooting and stabbing at rules
to pass the time.

Do we even care?

I don’t care
don’t care about you.
Taught by my father
who was never there
to abandon and run,
evade and suppress.
This is the life I want, I preach!

Striving for Club 27
We’re c-c-crazy!
Live fast die young,
I don’t wanna live.
Don’t even care!

No compassion here.
Pull the trigger on yourself,
brother bear.

Drug Smell

flirtatious sensations
through the stagnant air
and stir along:

Stale Smoke
Sweet Surprise

mix in chemical convulsions
ecstasy smelling
cocaine crazy
hallucinogenic happiness
and a cloud of clarity

a reminder tied around your neck
loosely leading toward my heart
please don’t cut it
please don’t cut it
please don’t cut me

K9 Crazy

Your voice sounds like a bark;
Your footprints are dirty paws.
Your fur is dropping everywhere…
Put your tongue elsewhere!
I’m not one of your fleas.
Drool over another,
I’m not your piece of meat,
I’m nobody’s scrap,
You scavenger!

Use your claws on your pack –
Tame your hounds.
Teach them manners plus a trick!
I know you know how to catch
So here, catch this message:
Go lick your dirty wounds elsewhere,
You selfless hound!

I don’t want your rabies –
Go dig up the bones of your brothers!
Don’t think I’ll be there;
I’m not your shelter.
Don’t try ask for scraps.
Take your howls to hell,
You mutant mutt!

M. Jane

She strides into the
greenhouse: confident; calm.
She walks right up to
me and smiles.
I smile back.
I think I love her.
We leave, hand in hand;
my lips will meet hers
and I will suck the
marrow out of life;
delusional beauty.

She makes me happy.
And happiness is what
we all need.
She makes me feel
new, refreshed
and free of my pain.
She rests my mind
and calms
the world’s madness.

She never stays
too long though.
She always leaves.
And I find myself
running after her.

Running to
her highness.