Complete Strangers

“Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t”
– Lady Macbeth, “Macbeth”, William Shakespeare

You’re a curse sent
by the universe
disguised and hidden:
but there.
A path I’ve crossed by fate
merging with mine in this moment
to form this road
lined with dried leaves of
Strangers to each other;
two nobodies
colliding with each other.
Large meteors soaring towards
life, a powerful force
of destruction.


Unbrick the wall!
Open the door!
Invite them inside,
Deny another war!

Dry up the tears!
And prepare the table!
Welcome new beginnings,
Forever now stable!

Throw away the key!
Open windows wide!
Smile with a reason,
Show our good side!

Unbrick the wall!
Tear down all hate!
Demand true freedoms,
Welcome City of Fate!