K9 Crazy

Your voice sounds like a bark;
Your footprints are dirty paws.
Your fur is dropping everywhere…
Put your tongue elsewhere!
I’m not one of your fleas.
Drool over another,
I’m not your piece of meat,
I’m nobody’s scrap,
You scavenger!

Use your claws on your pack –
Tame your hounds.
Teach them manners plus a trick!
I know you know how to catch
So here, catch this message:
Go lick your dirty wounds elsewhere,
You selfless hound!

I don’t want your rabies –
Go dig up the bones of your brothers!
Don’t think I’ll be there;
I’m not your shelter.
Don’t try ask for scraps.
Take your howls to hell,
You mutant mutt!


Take your screeching strings
and make the music you like.
Let the masses dance to noise,
let the people believe.

Take your criticism and write it across the sky.
Let the world know your opinion
is the fact.
Let them know!

Take your eyes and your assumptions
and sew them into the fabric of the world.
Preach the truth-lies and broken lives
and let that sell your soul.

While you’re at the butcher slicing my life,
make sure to buy yourself some tough meat
because you’ll need to be toughened up
when the demons get to lick your skin.

During the plotting of my downfall
make sure to charge your video cameras
and have back up batteries, because you know what?
My fall is far.

Catch me from the right angle
and direct my fall into your hands.
Immortalise my failure;
let me feel your strangle.

Write my downfall!
Record my blood!
Snap-shot my failure!
Headline my stumble!

Take my life, I give it to you.
But know this, for it is true:

You will never touch my soul.

A Wish For Humanity

I don’t want to be black;
I don’t want to be white:
I want to be human.
I don’t want to be privileged;
I don’t want to be unfortunate:
I want to belong anywhere.
I don’t want to be Christian;
I don’t want to be Buddhist:
I want to be spiritual.
I don’t want to be a blue;
I don’t want to be a pink:
I want to be equal.
I don’t want to be smart;
I don’t want to be creative:
I want to be valued.
I don’t want gay rights;
I don’t want women’s rights:
I want human rights.
I don’t want money;
I don’t want fame:
I want happiness.
I don’t want to be tall;
I don’t want to be thin:
I want to be imperfectly perfect.
I don’t want to be labelled;
I don’t want to be in a box:
I want to be free.
I don’t want to be you;
I don’t want to be them:
I want to be me.

We don’t want to want:
We need to be wanted.

The Drowning

In a flood of compliments he drowns;
all humility is forced out of his being.
The pride floods in
consuming his soul like a black sludge.
He begins to sink slowly
into the darkest depth of confusion
as he loses sight of the light; of himself.

His existence begins to fold in –
he sees images; hallucinations of
his success and nightmarish
rusted merry-go-rounds
of mutated friendships…
He left with none.
His corpse hits the coarse sand
of his truth; his reality.

They search for him…
They search for him…
They search for him
among their words
and find him dead at the
bottom of their compliments.

Even then it continues:
“He was destined for greatness!”
And a black tear rolls slowly…
Still no realisation.

He lives a different life now,
one of his own creation;
one where compliments are few,
as is self-worth.

Insecurity Security

She stumbles along the corridors
of her life and is slightly ashamed.
She hides, sticks to the walls;
head down, eyes lowered.
Her stride mimics her esteem:
insecure; weak; damaged.

Living in a world where
hate is celebrated
and love is seen as weak.
She is confused, insecure.
Her tears comfort her;
the pain reassures
she is alive.
In absence of tears
she feels dead:
they make her feel like that.

She avoids mirrors;
dodges photos.
Sits at the back, mute,
no attention is good attention,
she says to her teddy bear friend.

But she always believed.

She found an equal.
Her dead spirit was raised
from the grave of
corridors and classrooms.
Her tears dried up;
the clouds began to fade.
She never knew
the sun was so bright and hot.

She was saved.
Saved by self-discovery
of inner beauty
magazines dare not talk of:
saved by her
Insecurity Security.