We judge him for he is not one of us!
We mock him for his mind –
He’s actually rare to find.
A raw passion of a child
Trapped in adult form.
Why do we mock him for being him?
Yet preach peace and equality?
What happened to our reflective mirrors?
Did they burn in our hypocrite flames?
Maybe he’s free;
Maybe we’re the ones who cannot see.
Just, just let him

A 21st Century Truth

Isn’t it weird how she sits?
So quietly with a book.
She doesn’t say much, doctor.
Could you please make her okay?

Madam, I’m afraid I cannot help.
She has a severe case of being unique.
It’s rare, but fatal.
It will cause her to suffer…
People will criticise her and mock her.
She’ll have few friends, if not none.

Oh no! My poor girl…
There must be something,
Something you can do!
She’s my only.

I understand, all I can do is kill her passion.
Back in the day it worked.
They used to make people work,
Doing jobs they hated…
They were paid terribly,
Taxed heavily too.
The poor got poorer;
The rich got richer.

Please! Kill her passion!

All it takes is a day,
A day in the life of a 21st Century Adult…

Be Yourself

It’s okay not to conform;
It’s okay to wear your own uniform…
You do not have to fit with a crowd,
just be you and sing real loud.
Yes, you will have knives in your back –
but if you do, you’re on the right track.
Use that talent and just let it flow…
I promise: all you will do is grow.

I watch as your friend from far…
Don’t feel pressured to work the bar.
I want your success as much as you,
please, I don’t want to pray with my tears hitting a pew…
Work until it is done:
make work your passion; your fun.

You will find love;
they will be your dove.
So smile that famous smile!
You are forever, not just a while.