Dancing till Death

I have the moves
The purple groves
I feel the beat sink into my fibres
It takes right to the core
I don’t dance to live
I live to dance and dance till death
My body just goes to the flow
Whether fast or slow
I can feel the eyes surmise
I smile and sweat because I dance tonight
I need no drugs, no liquid inspiration, injection
To feel the music’s sweet infection
I tilt towards the floor, drop down
Jump to catch the beat and bounce
Ready to pounce
When they encircle I’m taken away
hallucogenic satisfaction sprints in my pulse
And my eyes close because my body knows
Tonight I’m a winner and I’ve won this fight.

Manic Music-Making

stave-life fill in lines and spaced
dot on a page lines skyward downward
up down and around
sharp ways
flat tears
time my time
common time march
to the beat of the song
now dance!
swerve slide drop
and now bounce!

let the sounds engulf
to another place!

music soul!
electronic beating
heart pounds
sing and belt
vibrato all over worry not!
repeat alter lyrical physical

and fade
fade fade