Piece of me

Looking at a rainbow
their backs are to the sun,
and this is how it is:
departing wasn’t fun.

He to the far cold east
and she to the glum west.
Separate paths for separate souls:
relationships pose the hardest test.

She felt something weighing her down
so she searched her heart’s pocket
And there she felt something gold:
while he, afar, cried holding half a locket.

Do I love you?

The answer?
The answer:

Sitting on a creaky wooden bench
beside a small lake
eyes fixed in a trance
a tear
then another

A ceiling midnight blue
a bed beneath
spotlit by the silver moon
crinkled sheets
silent tremors
then sleep

Red rose water droplets
thorns lots of thorns
green thorns
on this red rose

pushed aside

I know it
I know it well.

Dark Mourning

Plush toy lies destroyed:
cute monkey face
(with smile)
on floor,
spewing white guts

Broken teacup
shattered on floor:
shards of expensive china
scattered like wrecked puzzle pieces
missing –
lost forever.

Dead flowers in
cracked vase:
decomposition of beauty;
dried out leaves
sit like ashes –

Empty bed with
filthy sheets,
stained with unseeables:
regret, lust, mistakes, lies, uncertainties.
Epitaph of Loss;
Requiem of Silence.

Parallel Lines

Side by side we lie –
similar in many ways –
but different still.
Simple and straight;
close enough to be together,
together forever…
But never quite joining.
We’ll never be one
(as much as I want it)
as much as I feel I need it:
we’ll always be apart
but always there…
Right next to each other:
never leaving;
never straying apart.
Equidistant feelings
between the slopes of
We can never touch;
we can never meet up:
there’s no point…

So I’ll be here forever,
by your side
infinitely in both directions,
never distancing myself from you
because I am what I am
only because of you.