pretty boy smoke

saw you standing there
in your veil of smoke
a little wisp around your head
like some kinda devilish halo-noose
blowing fumes from those lips
all ruby and full like the moon
pretty boy smoke
pretty boy smoke
in those pretty boy lungs
filling me up with pretty boy thoughts
your package came with
no warning
and if it did I don’t care
pretty boy love gonna
anyway pretty boy smoke
pretty boy smile
james dean
pretty boy style
pretty boy smoke
my pretty boy dream

Dark Mourning

Plush toy lies destroyed:
cute monkey face
(with smile)
on floor,
spewing white guts

Broken teacup
shattered on floor:
shards of expensive china
scattered like wrecked puzzle pieces
missing –
lost forever.

Dead flowers in
cracked vase:
decomposition of beauty;
dried out leaves
sit like ashes –

Empty bed with
filthy sheets,
stained with unseeables:
regret, lust, mistakes, lies, uncertainties.
Epitaph of Loss;
Requiem of Silence.

Drug Smell

flirtatious sensations
through the stagnant air
and stir along:

Stale Smoke
Sweet Surprise

mix in chemical convulsions
ecstasy smelling
cocaine crazy
hallucinogenic happiness
and a cloud of clarity

a reminder tied around your neck
loosely leading toward my heart
please don’t cut it
please don’t cut it
please don’t cut me

The act of growing up?

She just wants to be touched,
have someone reach out and grab her…
Make her feel like she’s worth the pain…
Let her know she can make someone
feel that way.
She puts herself out there;
she knows one thing:
she isn’t ready.
But everyone else is doing it!
Maybe this is what it means to grow up…
She doesn’t know but she will,
she will because she’ll be hurt:
and she will be scarred;
and she will be damaged;
and she will be broken;
But that’s the only way
someone like her will learn.


Breathe in deeply
at the sight.
Snap shot for later use:
daydream in reality.
Stare silently and stealthily…
Breath in deeply
to control the uncontrolled desire.
Touchable touchable touch-able;
I am able.

Breathe in deeply,
let your looks devour me
like a drug.
You are the hallucinogen
I’m addicted to.

Breathe in deeply
and release.

Just breathe in deeply…

you’re next

I sit here
sipping my
poison that
makes me brave
that makes
the truth escape
through barriers
I’ve built up

I transform into
a creature of
lustful longing
and I begin my
search for my
new victim

I seek and
walk my catwalk
zigzag along
the walls of
the pounding

I see
I lock my
eyes on
I take a
shot of
clear liquid
and stumble
up to you

oh yes