The Sun

The bright Sun blankets the fertile soil:
two little seedlings stretch
towards the new warmth.
They rely on the Sun
and each day
She keeps her promise
that She’ll return:
because She values
the honesty of Her work.

She dances through
the sweet jazz
of the clouds,
splashing Her rays across
the smiling sunflowers.
They’re big now,
yet they will always need the Sun.

So the Sun and her Sunflowers
dance on, through nature:
a family;
a timeless photograph of Love.


“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight, before, deny it, eyes
For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”
– Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

You’re a gift sent
by the universe
disguised and hidden:
but there.
A path I’ve crossed by chance
merging with mine in this moment
to form this road
lined with pillars of
Strangers to each other;
two nobodies
pulled towards being somebodies
to each other.
Little planets floating in space
needing each other’s gravitational pull
of care.

Parallel Lines

Side by side we lie –
similar in many ways –
but different still.
Simple and straight;
close enough to be together,
together forever…
But never quite joining.
We’ll never be one
(as much as I want it)
as much as I feel I need it:
we’ll always be apart
but always there…
Right next to each other:
never leaving;
never straying apart.
Equidistant feelings
between the slopes of
We can never touch;
we can never meet up:
there’s no point…

So I’ll be here forever,
by your side
infinitely in both directions,
never distancing myself from you
because I am what I am
only because of you.