Parallel Lines

Side by side we lie –
similar in many ways –
but different still.
Simple and straight;
close enough to be together,
together forever…
But never quite joining.
We’ll never be one
(as much as I want it)
as much as I feel I need it:
we’ll always be apart
but always there…
Right next to each other:
never leaving;
never straying apart.
Equidistant feelings
between the slopes of
We can never touch;
we can never meet up:
there’s no point…

So I’ll be here forever,
by your side
infinitely in both directions,
never distancing myself from you
because I am what I am
only because of you.


We build each other up to
help each other when we fall.

Always there for each other
like a shadow to a tree.
Mutual respect and honesty
that radiates from the deepest
and most meaningful place:
So powerful.
Both at the top of the world,
yet both wanting the
other to touch stars.
Standing united rather than

We build each other up to
help each other when we fall.

People will try pull us
to get themselves up,
but we want to help them up
the Truthful way.
Friends will become strangers and
acquaintance friends;
that’s the cycle:
cyclically natural.

We build each other up to
help each other when we fall.

Any position of the extreme
(highness or lowness)
will always be subject to the
scrutiny of common man!
Common man merely watches
and speculates at the validity,
but who needs the validity
of the exterior when you
have heart of Truth.

We build each other up to
make each other great.


I wrote you this simple poem:
It isn’t much but I hope you like it…

Thank you for the memories and the laughs;
you made me feel like I belonged
and I never really felt like I did, but now I do.
You embraced me for me;
Around you I could just be.

In your eyes I see how you care;
it’s a look which is rare in this world…
Your friendship is valued, treasured!
Priceless even.

I hope this is forever.
Eternally accepted and cared for; boundless support.