Exit Here?

I want to fit out
but I can’t escape
the twisty smoke and cool alcohol.
I’m so unique like you
and you and you.
Mirrors always tell me what they tell you.
My Insta is a flood of what gets likes
and my tattooed infinity sign is finite
on this skin.
I want to fit out
but friends keep making me:
they hold me high…
The parties aren’t fun,
the clubs play music that sells by formula,
the beat of it all is always the same.
Day in and out
mom and dad don’t talk:
whose parents do?
I want to fit out
but Disney has me hooked
singing frozen melodies I can’t let go.
And my bank account
is as low as me.
I want to fit out,
help me out the window:
I know it’s cliché but I want to leave.
I don’t want to be a statistic.
I just want to fit out.

Let the work speak not the title

Poems are supposed to be written in a specific form and deal with important subject matter and have the punctuation required to heighten the artistic and social intention of the poet highlighting the socio-political context from which the work emerges well some of the greatest happenings have happened from challenging what is and what should be in the eye of the creator for that is art and when art is caged by people who believe they have authority on freedom of thought that is when creativity dies so just know this is a poem because I wrote it and I am a poet so don’t tell me how to think creatively

Be Yourself

It’s okay not to conform;
It’s okay to wear your own uniform…
You do not have to fit with a crowd,
just be you and sing real loud.
Yes, you will have knives in your back –
but if you do, you’re on the right track.
Use that talent and just let it flow…
I promise: all you will do is grow.

I watch as your friend from far…
Don’t feel pressured to work the bar.
I want your success as much as you,
please, I don’t want to pray with my tears hitting a pew…
Work until it is done:
make work your passion; your fun.

You will find love;
they will be your dove.
So smile that famous smile!
You are forever, not just a while.