We judge him for he is not one of us!
We mock him for his mind –
He’s actually rare to find.
A raw passion of a child
Trapped in adult form.
Why do we mock him for being him?
Yet preach peace and equality?
What happened to our reflective mirrors?
Did they burn in our hypocrite flames?
Maybe he’s free;
Maybe we’re the ones who cannot see.
Just, just let him


At first I thought you were okay
but then I saw what others said
so I started saying the same…
My mind closed;
I ignored and tried to
justify why it was this way:
I found reasons – made up.

Until I matured and realised
that everything was learned
through others
– and such is life –
but I undid the red threads
of my ignorance.
I opened up to myself
and you became
like ALL.