pretty boy smoke

saw you standing there
in your veil of smoke
a little wisp around your head
like some kinda devilish halo-noose
blowing fumes from those lips
all ruby and full like the moon
pretty boy smoke
pretty boy smoke
in those pretty boy lungs
filling me up with pretty boy thoughts
your package came with
no warning
and if it did I don’t care
pretty boy love gonna
anyway pretty boy smoke
pretty boy smile
james dean
pretty boy style
pretty boy smoke
my pretty boy dream

Little hidden boy

Little hidden boy;
Dark voice inside.
Look deeper
And beyond the eyes
Until you feel
The body
Locked away
Behind forbidden skies.

Little hidden boy,
Screaming for a ride.
Please help him out –
He’s never been outside.

Little hidden boy,
gnawing for a chance.
Give him hope –
One day he’ll share
A dance.

Little hidden boy,
Not so small anymore.
Many years in dark
Manifest monsters
After all.