your overwhelming senses
radiate past my eyes
feel through my body
caress my ears
make me taste sweetness
inhale your scents
as you cruise down
down to the life
let the wind rush
as the sun smiles
and the air twirls
touching your tasty
slice through hearts
bursting desires

are you a sin
or are we sinners
for staring


Breathe in deeply
at the sight.
Snap shot for later use:
daydream in reality.
Stare silently and stealthily…
Breath in deeply
to control the uncontrolled desire.
Touchable touchable touch-able;
I am able.

Breathe in deeply,
let your looks devour me
like a drug.
You are the hallucinogen
I’m addicted to.

Breathe in deeply
and release.

Just breathe in deeply…

Glamour Gourmet Gorgeous

I’m so full from my gourmet Michelin meal.
I’m empty, so empty – it’s how I feel.

I just Instagrammed my new diamond ring.
I feel like common stone commoners merely fling.

These Louis Vuitton shoes fit me so.
I’m incapable of filling shoes: I can’t grow…

Envy the zeros on my bank statement.
My esteem is a zero balance, lower than a basement.

The cost of my Aston could feed starving children in Ethiopia.
At least they are grateful unlike in my Utopia.

The 3 storey mansion has all I could desire,
But this life has extinguished my passion, my fire.

Check out this 5 star luxury resort,
I feel so poor like a forgotten, withering fort.

Stare at my super model boyfriend…
I’ve never felt real love. The end.

My face is modelled against perfection:
This facade hides a cracked complexion.

People are jealous of my picture perfection;
But to me life is my solitary, harsh detention.