Unbrick the wall!
Open the door!
Invite them inside,
Deny another war!

Dry up the tears!
And prepare the table!
Welcome new beginnings,
Forever now stable!

Throw away the key!
Open windows wide!
Smile with a reason,
Show our good side!

Unbrick the wall!
Tear down all hate!
Demand true freedoms,
Welcome City of Fate!

Be Yourself

It’s okay not to conform;
It’s okay to wear your own uniform…
You do not have to fit with a crowd,
just be you and sing real loud.
Yes, you will have knives in your back –
but if you do, you’re on the right track.
Use that talent and just let it flow…
I promise: all you will do is grow.

I watch as your friend from far…
Don’t feel pressured to work the bar.
I want your success as much as you,
please, I don’t want to pray with my tears hitting a pew…
Work until it is done:
make work your passion; your fun.

You will find love;
they will be your dove.
So smile that famous smile!
You are forever, not just a while.


I wrote you this simple poem:
It isn’t much but I hope you like it…

Thank you for the memories and the laughs;
you made me feel like I belonged
and I never really felt like I did, but now I do.
You embraced me for me;
Around you I could just be.

In your eyes I see how you care;
it’s a look which is rare in this world…
Your friendship is valued, treasured!
Priceless even.

I hope this is forever.
Eternally accepted and cared for; boundless support.

Sonnet of Friendship

Desires deep within an unexplained place
that stretch out to hold your existence tight,
urge unexplained to help define your space:
I crave to slave to this reason; your fight.
Yearning to the metaphysical voids,
great achievers of this fine attainment.
Levels so beyond; an angel’s toxoid
that transforms and evolves beyond; gift sent.
How is it being gives definition?
Offer a slice of sugary truthful;
inspire creativities, creation:
changing soberly square into joyful!
Yet such a passion-love does often kill;
In living, though, this is no harmful ill.