Be Yourself

It’s okay not to conform;
It’s okay to wear your own uniform…
You do not have to fit with a crowd,
just be you and sing real loud.
Yes, you will have knives in your back –
but if you do, you’re on the right track.
Use that talent and just let it flow…
I promise: all you will do is grow.

I watch as your friend from far…
Don’t feel pressured to work the bar.
I want your success as much as you,
please, I don’t want to pray with my tears hitting a pew…
Work until it is done:
make work your passion; your fun.

You will find love;
they will be your dove.
So smile that famous smile!
You are forever, not just a while.



I wrote you this simple poem:
It isn’t much but I hope you like it…

Thank you for the memories and the laughs;
you made me feel like I belonged
and I never really felt like I did, but now I do.
You embraced me for me;
Around you I could just be.

In your eyes I see how you care;
it’s a look which is rare in this world…
Your friendship is valued, treasured!
Priceless even.

I hope this is forever.
Eternally accepted and cared for; boundless support.

Sonnet of Friendship

Desires deep within an unexplained place
that stretch out to hold your existence tight,
urge unexplained to help define your space:
I crave to slave to this reason; your fight.
Yearning to the metaphysical voids,
great achievers of this fine attainment.
Levels so beyond; an angel’s toxoid
that transforms and evolves beyond; gift sent.
How is it being gives definition?
Offer a slice of sugary truthful;
inspire creativities, creation:
changing soberly square into joyful!
Yet such a passion-love does often kill;
In living, though, this is no harmful ill.