M. Jane

She strides into the
greenhouse: confident; calm.
She walks right up to
me and smiles.
I smile back.
I think I love her.
We leave, hand in hand;
my lips will meet hers
and I will suck the
marrow out of life;
delusional beauty.

She makes me happy.
And happiness is what
we all need.
She makes me feel
new, refreshed
and free of my pain.
She rests my mind
and calms
the world’s madness.

She never stays
too long though.
She always leaves.
And I find myself
running after her.

Running to
her highness.

I Will Find You

You are out there somewhere
in this world which is filled with pain;
you’ve probably felt the pain…
… I have too.

I will find you.

We can tell each other about our lives
and share those little stories
that people share over and over,
laughing at how silly we once were.

I will find you.

We will make a life together
and share in the struggles we face:
together we can be brave
overcoming our burdens.

I will find you.

Life is short so we can make Our chapter long,
travel the world making memories
and stories to tell over and over
when we grow old.

I will find you.

We will share those special moment
and everyone will see what happiness can be.

I will find you.

We will lie on our backs
on a warm summer’s evening
staring up at the stars;
Laughing and Loving:
two souls destined for each other.

I will find you.
Our shattered pieces will fit together
and we will make each other whole again.

I will find you.
You will find me.

The Girl Who Lived

Both hands slip down and pick the purple rose from the green bush;
Sun shining, reflecting the light back at the world it warms.
Soft hands retract, sparkling eyes glint like stars;
Fingers twirl it, arms bring beauty closer.
Soft lips form a curve of satisfaction;
Eyelids slide gently over sight.
Nose drinks sweet air of life;
Skin dances and glints.
Heart beats lovingly;
Life slows.