Back and forth
Pendulums swinging;
Back and forth
Birds singing;
Back and forth
Bells a-ringing;
Back and forth
Prophesies saying.

Silver coins kiss his mind:
Betrayal awaits, so unkind.
Toxic thoughts: an acid rain
Shower down and make their stain.

Was there amber in the sky?
Behind the tree where Judas hung?
An oil painting filled with crimson dye?
And late sorrows on his tongue?

Back and forth
Trust broken;
Back and forth
Tears awoken;
Back and forth
Tombs reopen;
Back and forth
Truth has spoken.



Infinite stories of a struggling boy –
destined for greatness.
He knows the way to walk;
he holds the key.


Stare deeply and you’ll see:
the boy inside screaming.
He just wants to run away;
far from the pressure.


Ice-chambered seclusion…
From his true desires.
He is trapped but dances;
a way to hide his true feelings.


His eyes hold a richness unmatched;
so too does his passion.
Yet he runs from his shadow –
the confusion makes him feel low.


His soul window melts hearts;
his only gets more confused.
But he knows the truth:
he is quite sure.


Musical Tears

It sits like a powerful god in the centre:
a black sheen reflecting the room’s light.
Standing proudly, firmly on four solid legs,
it waits for the talented to take its seat…

As he sits down on the cushioned seat,
he lifts the solid black gently.
His fingers rest softly on the ivories and ebonies;
a deep breath before the prelude.

Sound stabs through the sombre silence –
it fills the voids of pain.
He sways to the touch of his fingers;
the music takes him away.

Mozart makes the tears slip down his face,
but it mends his heartache (even for a little).
At least the keys accept his truth,
even if his own blood does not.