World Wide Web:
caught where the spider wants us.


by the tweets about nothing,
Facebook likes, new-age activism.
As if sharing this poem-post changes anything.
Screens filled with snaps and chats;
timelines overflowing with so-called facts.
Where is the connection
when texts replace face-to-face talks
and everyone stalks?
Blue ticks and last seens?
Silent screams behind screens.

Life is out there
but we reply robotically.


An ellipsis of our lives;
three bullets: mind, heart, soul.
Death of communication,
hashtag RestInPeace


I am opened by a known finger
and I am greeted
by the floor as usual.
The scenery changes;
I am brought up to a face.
I reflect faithfully,
as best I can,
and change like the fickle
technological mirror that I am.
Positioned precisely, professionally
because I must capture
something more; something gratifying.

Captured Temporal Form.

Transformation occurs…
I am now approved and saved,
minimised for a few seconds
as the expert fingers
find the application of
my fate.

I am filtered into
a newer, nicer form.
Sometimes a frame surrounds;
tagged with numerous words
for approval.

I get liked

The approval makes them warm, content.
A brief elation so they can
continue in this harsh world.

Circuit Boards and Cynicism

Caved in by four walls
the skin turns white(r)
and the mind thinks hard…
Currents travel rapidly across
precision circuits translating
binary through brain
SAVE : *double click*

A travelling laptop complete
with perceptive processors and
witty applications for all uses
(including cynicism)…
High functioning with a fan
of tolerance to cool the
system; to calm the core.

Computing, computing, contemplating,
carrying on, accepting and processing,
questioning when used wrong
(as all good technologies do)
and attaining a new level of
artificial intelligence
from users: awareness, understanding.

Process life precisely.
(again and again)
Reliable, durable…
Plug in, recharge,
(never shut down)