The Changed Gaze

Coffee bean brown galaxies
eat all they see.
Process and perceive
the kaleidoscope world:
stained glass
of hate
and love.
I walk into their field
and they blink – disturbed.
Slowly, slowly adjusting
their centres to this
new shape in their universe.
Careful and weary:
they have burned from
salty tears too many times…

Adjusted to the new light –
bright and refreshing.
Coffee bean brown galaxies
sparkling in the presence;
trusting and no longer searching for fault lines.
A smile carved neatly by trust and friendship
into the gaze.
Gaze of giving.
Gaze of care.
Gaze of truth.
The changed gaze of invite
into the galaxy of warmth.

In the name

It’s in the name
The ring that stings…
Pleasurable torture.
Stolen glances;
Lost thoughts;
Drifting daydreams;
Overinflated wishes…
The way words are said,
Since the beginning.
Wow – in my mind.
So silent…
Silent killer.
So much to give;
Yet so reserved and quiet…
Give the world a sign!
Say something!
Or don’t…
Maybe that’s the mystery:
Enigma through and through.
At the top together; but so distant.
At least hints were dropped;
Through my peripherals
You had eyes on me.

Since the beginning

I’ve seen the way you look
look at me…
Through the corners of my eyes.
You have nice eyes.
I like your hair too…
You’re really smart,
Maybe this is the start
of something greater…

If you feel the same way –
We could be?
Me + You.

The missing piece to my life –
Well, not missing, just found.
Found at a time so unexpected.
We could grow old
Share the stories – you and I!


I’ll wait.
I’m patient you know.
I’ll wait forever…
And more.