In the name

It’s in the name
The ring that stings…
Pleasurable torture.
Stolen glances;
Lost thoughts;
Drifting daydreams;
Overinflated wishes…
The way words are said,
Since the beginning.
Wow – in my mind.
So silent…
Silent killer.
So much to give;
Yet so reserved and quiet…
Give the world a sign!
Say something!
Or don’t…
Maybe that’s the mystery:
Enigma through and through.
At the top together; but so distant.
At least hints were dropped;
Through my peripherals
You had eyes on me.


The Statue

Standing upon the great
piece of concrete:
solid and stolen picture
of eternal fairness.

Was it meant to be?
Standing tall and powerful
with a look that is knowing.

A hint of fear:
the Eyes!
A stolen glimpse
captured perfectly.

It was willing.
It was real.
But it was hidden.