In the name

It’s in the name
The ring that stings…
Pleasurable torture.
Stolen glances;
Lost thoughts;
Drifting daydreams;
Overinflated wishes…
The way words are said,
Since the beginning.
Wow – in my mind.
So silent…
Silent killer.
So much to give;
Yet so reserved and quiet…
Give the world a sign!
Say something!
Or don’t…
Maybe that’s the mystery:
Enigma through and through.
At the top together; but so distant.
At least hints were dropped;
Through my peripherals
You had eyes on me.

Enigma Girl

We all see her walk into the room –
her head held high and her smile
as radiant as the sun.
She swirls around the room
like a sweet addictive scent
and everyone is drawn to her,
birds to nectar.
We feed off her radiance and get
high off her fumes of fun
and swoon all the way to
the land of fantasy and
She’s worse than cocaine
and sweeter than sugared honey drops.
She holds her own and makes even
the biggest of us feel

But when it comes to love
she seems to be careful who
to let into her world…
Because she has been hurt
by the one before
(who was the first).
She’s an enigma gypsy
running away from the feelings
that unlock the doors of that pain
and she refuses to be vulnerable again.

She frustrates all of us because
we cannot get into her life as
deeply as we all want to.
And it seems like she wants us
to come to that place but then
she slams the door in our faces
and we stand with broken noses,
shattered hearts but somewhere
I realise it’s not her fault.

And so they keep running after her
and she doesn’t understand why…
She breaks her mirror in fury and
cries a river of confusion to wash
away her insecurity which always
return in showers.

She is blessed, however, and she knows,
she knows that she is special in some way.
One day she will receive the package
she ordered in her dreams and she’ll be

free of her chains!