Back and forth
Pendulums swinging;
Back and forth
Birds singing;
Back and forth
Bells a-ringing;
Back and forth
Prophesies saying.

Silver coins kiss his mind:
Betrayal awaits, so unkind.
Toxic thoughts: an acid rain
Shower down and make their stain.

Was there amber in the sky?
Behind the tree where Judas hung?
An oil painting filled with crimson dye?
And late sorrows on his tongue?

Back and forth
Trust broken;
Back and forth
Tears awoken;
Back and forth
Tombs reopen;
Back and forth
Truth has spoken.


Show yourself to the world!
Get out of this kingdom
and feel the guilt
that you should!
I do not want you
walking these streets!
Get away from my family
and leave my friends alone!

Go (ab)use someone else!
Take your kisses of betrayed
affection away!
I see right through your
I see beyond your masks
and I am scarred
by your true form!

I don’t want you to
let me think you care!
The feelings you leave me with
make me angry!
I cared for you,
I opened up to you,
I helped you,

Yet I always knew!
Once betrayed, I forgave.
Again! And again!

Take the traitor away!
Get out! Get out!

The day will come

The day will come.
It will arrive at a time clocks speak not
and it will sparkle like a purple haze
so that everyone knows the day has come.

The day will come.
You will feel it when it is here
and you need to shield yourself
from the shrapnelled hate.

The day will come.
Everything you have known
will turn on you.
That is how you will know it is here.

The day will come.
Friends will be few
like little bold dots,
and so too will determination.

The day will come.
Black clouds with
Silver flashes will envelop all you know,
And lick your grey rainbowed psyche.

The day will come.
But when that day comes…
Remember to be strong and
fight through the flashes.

The day will come.
But bravery will fight alongside –
in weird ways something new will be born,
so do not fear even if you do fear.

The day has come.
there is a bright day hereafter!

“No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” ~ William Blake

You never cared and you never will care. What possessed me to think you cared, God only knows. Every time I turn my back I can feel your daggered stare slicing swiftly through my soul. Not that you even care about what you’re doing. It makes you happy, it puts a smile on your rugged face and it adds a silver glint to your coffee brown eyes. You practically printed my death certificate with the ink of your jealously. A slow, yet sleek murder from a safe distance behind your cowardice. A death not by a bullet, but much more painful. A slow death that emanates from your char black soul. Every single syllable that passes through my lips are swiftly absorbed by you and mixed with your venom then spat back in my face. You gain satisfaction from it.

Remember when we first met? You were really nice to me. I built a fort of trust and friendship in you… Then one day I realised you were only my friend because I helped you get to where you wanted to be. And you’re there now. So how does it feel to soar on the back of this winged creature? Is it fun? Does the wing run through your arrogantly oiled hair?

Now that you’ve finally reached your peak at the top of the hill I just want to warn you that this winged-creature… It’s angry… It’s hurt… It’s disappointed. And it has just decided that it doesn’t like this new being that sits on this peak because it was used all along while it thought it was only doing good for those around it. It wants justice. And if you look around – what you thought to be the apex of success is in fact the entrance to a fiery failure. The flames can’t wait to lick the flesh off your bones.