He and They

Such a nice boy
Was he.
Until they chopped him down
They did.
Until he fell down bleeding
Yes he did.
Chipping away at his nice
they did.
Piece by piece he died
Sadly did he.
They made an example of his broken
They did.
Martyr for nice martyr for real
He was.
They destroyed hope, those people
They did.


You don’t need a crown
to rule over people’s minds.
You don’t need a thrown
to have the respect of others.
All you need is:

Look at him!
He beats his chest with his ways,
not his hands.
They all listen – and stare.
They follow because he had a voice.
He made them believe they needed a cause.
He was the cause.
You see – he has a brain.
His image was power because
from the beginning he was King.
No need to say you’re king
if you believe you’re king.
People follow if you believe.
Now he rules them;
quite simple really.

The Matriarch

There for the children:
Strong and demanding;
Running the ship!
Strictly lenient;
all aboard –
if not – overboard!

Dare open your mouth
to challenge the lady;
Dare to be put in place –
walk the plank.

Bow down or
Bow out.

Enjoy the ride;
you’ll have fun!
(only on her side)