My mind is pregnant,
seeded with something not mine:
I can feel myself changing,
something growing inside.


Swells and moods and cravings of –
something… Feelings of abjection?
Everyone notices the change,
but they’re too polite to ask;
behind my back they wonder
while it grows into something strange.


This fire in my mind,
this foreign piece of me
leaks out of my pores
and I’m pregnant with rage…
I’m pregnant with yours.


You don’t need a crown
to rule over people’s minds.
You don’t need a thrown
to have the respect of others.
All you need is:

Look at him!
He beats his chest with his ways,
not his hands.
They all listen – and stare.
They follow because he had a voice.
He made them believe they needed a cause.
He was the cause.
You see – he has a brain.
His image was power because
from the beginning he was King.
No need to say you’re king
if you believe you’re king.
People follow if you believe.
Now he rules them;
quite simple really.