I Will Find You

You are out there somewhere
in this world which is filled with pain;
you’ve probably felt the pain…
… I have too.

I will find you.

We can tell each other about our lives
and share those little stories
that people share over and over,
laughing at how silly we once were.

I will find you.

We will make a life together
and share in the struggles we face:
together we can be brave
overcoming our burdens.

I will find you.

Life is short so we can make Our chapter long,
travel the world making memories
and stories to tell over and over
when we grow old.

I will find you.

We will share those special moment
and everyone will see what happiness can be.

I will find you.

We will lie on our backs
on a warm summer’s evening
staring up at the stars;
Laughing and Loving:
two souls destined for each other.

I will find you.
Our shattered pieces will fit together
and we will make each other whole again.

I will find you.
You will find me.

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