Manic Music-Making

stave-life fill in lines and spaced
dot on a page lines skyward downward
up down and around
sharp ways
flat tears
time my time
common time march
to the beat of the song
now dance!
swerve slide drop
and now bounce!

let the sounds engulf
to another place!

music soul!
electronic beating
heart pounds
sing and belt
vibrato all over worry not!
repeat alter lyrical physical

and fade
fade fade




When he first sang they stopped
as one would at sound so pure.
Gifted he was –
passionate too!
Such an angelic quality
(enough to cause rivers).
Touched hearts of all who heard –
gift was it so sure I am!
Quite powerful to stop a room,
let them listen,
silence the noise and give hope all over.

Travelling far not caring much
for passion is power:
he knew it as such.
Not for the money-fame,
that would be a shame.
Not a game:
his purpose.

Trained all along,
not taking for granted.
Practise until bleeding –
believing even when not believing.

A future filled with song:
Mellifluous Adventures!