Thank you for being kind –
It’s very rare to find.
You don’t know me,
But you’re what I want to be.
You have something unique…
I’ve had a little peak.
You’ll go far –
You’ll be more than a star.
Whack the ball out of the park!
Slap down your struggles, your stark.
Swing at that small ball,
Do it and you’ll stand tall!
For doing something with conviction
Will provide your heart no friction.


conviction (n): a belief or opinion that is held firmly

He works for the cause
Knowing fully his potential
To follow in great footsteps.
But what is great?
A shining star
On the Walk of Fame?
To him it is a star
Cemented into
The Sand of Time:
His works preserved in nature:
That which we smothered
With our greedy gasses
And our lust for cha-ching.

Convicted by his conviction.
A conviction? – as in sentenced?
A convict?
Perhaps – to the prison of our destruction.
His uniform is stripped lands
Where trees once belonged…
His jail bars are acid rain and rising waters…
But like a Mandela he chooses to use his
Time behind bars for the good of all:

Sacrifice branded into his meatless diet;
He will no longer be prisoner one day,
And neither will his children
Because he had it:


You might think I’m weird:
Maybe I’m too strong for you?
Does my opinion get you boiled?
Am I too bold?
Is my shine too bright?

I don’t walk the usual path;
I don’t wear your social norms;
I don’t believe in your higher powers…

Why does my tattooed chest
Bother you so much?
Is it because you long to be brave?
Long to be yourself?
Long to ink your life?
Or is ink too permanent for your lifestyle?
Will you be out of fashion next spring?
Will they no longer ‘love’ you?
Did conviction go out of fashion?
Is individuality no longer
On the menu at your gourmet restaurant?

I’d apologise for educating myself
On others subjects other than
Celebrity gossip and trashy ways
but then I’d be substanceless.
I’d rather live on the outside
Dancing to Nature’s song
Than inside craving likes like drugs.