Voodoo Dreams

Then all at once:
taken away by Sleep’s arms
into a misty Dreamland.
Swirling around in your whirlpooling eyes,
trying to paddle to your Island treasure chest
with a beating gold inside.
Caught and sucked in
by this sandstorm of emotions.
It stings me all over;
it’s a pain I don’t mind.
Voodoo dreams:
I cannot control –
it’s you, all you.

The wind in this Dreamboat sail
sucks me towards your epicentre.
Waking hours,
and sleeping ones too:
all I see is you…
Voodoo dreams!
You’re so surreal, so it seems.
Awake or asleep;
you’re everywhere.
And I love to just stare.


Thank you for being kind –
It’s very rare to find.
You don’t know me,
But you’re what I want to be.
You have something unique…
I’ve had a little peak.
You’ll go far –
You’ll be more than a star.
Whack the ball out of the park!
Slap down your struggles, your stark.
Swing at that small ball,
Do it and you’ll stand tall!
For doing something with conviction
Will provide your heart no friction.