conviction (n): a belief or opinion that is held firmly

He works for the cause
Knowing fully his potential
To follow in great footsteps.
But what is great?
A shining star
On the Walk of Fame?
To him it is a star
Cemented into
The Sand of Time:
His works preserved in nature:
That which we smothered
With our greedy gasses
And our lust for cha-ching.

Convicted by his conviction.
A conviction? – as in sentenced?
A convict?
Perhaps – to the prison of our destruction.
His uniform is stripped lands
Where trees once belonged…
His jail bars are acid rain and rising waters…
But like a Mandela he chooses to use his
Time behind bars for the good of all:

Sacrifice branded into his meatless diet;
He will no longer be prisoner one day,
And neither will his children
Because he had it:

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