The day will come

The day will come.
It will arrive at a time clocks speak not
and it will sparkle like a purple haze
so that everyone knows the day has come.

The day will come.
You will feel it when it is here
and you need to shield yourself
from the shrapnelled hate.

The day will come.
Everything you have known
will turn on you.
That is how you will know it is here.

The day will come.
Friends will be few
like little bold dots,
and so too will determination.

The day will come.
Black clouds with
Silver flashes will envelop all you know,
And lick your grey rainbowed psyche.

The day will come.
But when that day comes…
Remember to be strong and
fight through the flashes.

The day will come.
But bravery will fight alongside –
in weird ways something new will be born,
so do not fear even if you do fear.

The day has come.
there is a bright day hereafter!

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