He will not be tied down by rules.
(he wants to be tied down)
He will escape all prison cells of society.
(he wants to be locked up)
He wants to live without regret.
(try all the different ways of pleasurable pain)
His problems are tied to him so he runs.
(he wants to be walked over and be torn)
The heat is what he wants to avoid.
(he wants fire to be involved).
But he never wants to hurt anyone.
(only be hurt himself – willingly)

His dream is to find someone who wants to be tied down.
(he feels tied down himself)
He wants to handcuff them to his love.
(all he needs is to be free for a day)
He wants to please a lover with danger games.
(he regrets it when they run away in fear)
The desire to be wanted so badly to destroy.
(he tries everyone in his search for it)
He wants to be seen as cool – to his own mind.
(he’ll light up the bed sheets – literally)
He doesn’t want to feel emotional pain.
(what if hurting the lover is the only way?)