“Why do you
do so much for
the Blossom-tree?”

“Much? Hardly so!”

“But I’ve seen you at it
day and night;
at the call of the roots of
the Blossom-tree!”

“The Blossom-tree
has taught me much,
I owe it ten-fold its lessons.”

“It seems like all it does is take,
take up your nutrients
and gulp your precious water-hours.”

“I do not see it as so…
For when a tree as beautiful as
the Blossom-tree
is planted in a field near,
it is a blessing, a rare-blessing
only afforded to few in this
brief life-breath.”

“Be careful, I say!
Snakes love the trees of beauty.”

“Being bitten is worth
the blossom-beauty.”

“Don’t let it take on constant-occasions!”

“It is not an act of taking
so much as
the blossom-tree
giving to me in memories
of beauty and
sweet fragrances of life.”

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