I. Unieme

Performing to the sounds of nature,
Concrete jungle cacophony:
Metal crumble; stabbing bullets; restless screams.
Through the uncertainty of the mutated world
And into the rush:
The chaos.
The stress.
The noise.
The stress.
The noise.
The chaos.
Stretched to the limit;
Pushed and prodded.

II. Deuxième

Through the madness;
Keeping balance, not wanting to fall.
Fall! – scream them all.
Trying to keep it smooth, sustained –
Bleeding, aching,
Battered, bruised.
But composed; poised with a smile.

III. Troisieme

Trying to find the way,
The Passion Way;
Confusion as they pull in their different directions,
Follow the heart; raise the spirit!
Gracefully glide from experience:
To experience;
To failure;
To success;
To calm;
To stress.

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