Injustices and Inversions

Too big…
Too much expectation.
I stumble at the sight of myself;
Insecurity screeches in my face – hurts.
The drain drinks my forgotten tears I shed,
Shed like an old skin which is there each day.
I mourn the loss of love in the world – surely it existed?
Maybe with the ancients – maybe they saw the beauty of all?
But now – lost – and I a simple tool in the world to be (ab)used by men.
Their patriarchal structure puts all the ones like me at the bottom of them.


Inversion of their hierarchical suppression oppression hatred moulded roles.
Flip their ways around and make it known we will sit at the top of them!
Kill their ways; make all equal in the future; not for us to see,
Our children will though; forever after they will…
First order must transcript proportionally,
To the opposite scale, transfer.
Power must shift now.
Them powerless.
Us at the

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