I. Genesis

Under the microscope;
probed and prodded.
Considered abnormal –
in need of changing –
because in this world
if you’re not ‘normal’
you need fixing.
Put through the various tests
and told not to be
good enough for
Society’s expectations.
Finally diagnosed,
as if a disease:
flesh treated as a virus.

II. Passion

Suffering at the merciless
hands of a pack of wild
collective consciousness;
targeted like a hurt lamb.
Ripped emotionally
and taunted like a
helpless puppy.
Each new sunset filled
not with hope and
new beginnings, but
with the start of renewed
enthusiasm on the part of
the oppressors.
They do not even know
what destruction
they plant in this field…
They do not even know….

III. Revelation

Discovery that all
the scrapes and
emotional scars were
all part of the plan
to make
stronger; braver.
Finally understanding that
potential is unlocked once
darkness has been faced
and struggle has been tasted.
After listening
for so many years to
the metallic screams and taunts
of a system wanting different
to fit its mould,
it is revealed that it
can all be overcome.

IV. Exodus

Surviving the mountainous
hurt and strife;
clawing and gnawing
through swine to get
to a place of self-understanding.
Finally free from
the hurt, the pain, the suffering.
Ready to flee from
the pool of torment
leaving everything,
and everyone,

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