Confusing like a Picasso,
twisted like a Dali!
Melting away time,
waiting like
the Thinking Man – frozen.
Tiny dots of confusion
make up the mind;
almost a comical Lichtenstein…
A green coke bottle
on an infinite shelve of
green coke bottles,
but wanting to shine like
a Koons tulip.
A Mysterious Mona yet so
beautiful like a starry night…
Searching for the truth
in a world of lies;
beautiful Banksy
being washed away, lost,
scrubbed by the critics;
cursed by authority
for not being ‘acceptable’!
Yet powerful and brave
Forza e ira:
strength and anger!
A pearl in a shell,
a priceless speculation
of beauty and intellect.
A life of Eschered eternity
and precise confusion
going in mindless circles.
Try, try, try
to interpret the Pollock
colours and chaos…
A silent scream for eternity
as the twisted world
haunts and creates
anguish; despair.
Cut and paste into
a better world, Hamilton!

Hoping to be a Red Vineyard…
Maybe someone will
see worth before

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