“If you dont have any shadows you’re not in the light.”
          – Lady Gaga

I wish I could be strong;
I wish that I was wrong.

The pain cuts me deep,
deep like the ocean,
an ocean of emotion.
A world of pain and hate
only slices –
I try to win,
struggle along
bearing my knives.

Watch as the skin            parts,
parts like a red sea:




staining my existence
and cleaving skin
into a natural tattoo of pain:
Testament to Struggle.

Some memories never fade;
Some emotions constantly raid…
Slits sneak stealthily, steadily
smearing smirks:
soundless, subtle.

I carve myself
to tame myself;
I tame myself
to control myself.

S C A R:

Scar-face, scar-arm, scar-heart, scar-life…
Stained pain.

Pray to a being who listens;
pray for help:
beg for Salvation.

Only my friends
Save me from myself.

Take a bow:
smile, smirk, snub.

Approve, applaud.

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